Between 2 Worlds

59 mins2007

Created for a generation awakening in social and spiritual consciousness, Between 2 Worlds explores the Mayan concept of time and how an artificial count of days and hours negatively influences the mind, body, soul and, above all, our planet Earth.

According to the Mayan prophecies, humanity has always stood between 2 worlds. The old world of the Gregorian calendar has led humanity to a world of mechanical consumption and has created within us a detrimental desire for power and wealth. The new world of the Mayan calendar can lead humanity to a world of peace, respect, love, unity and harmony with nature.

Our task, according to this prophecy, is to balance these two worlds before the end of the Mayan cycle in the year 2012. José Jaramillo and other Mayan specialists, such as Lloydine Arguelles, John Mayor Jenkins and Carl Johan Calleman as well as Mayan Elder Aumrak, bring forth a message of awareness as they analyze what this prophecy means to mankind.