Yogic Paths
S1:Ep328 minsApril 2017

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of loving devotion, a practice that guides devotees to union with the divine. Bhakti yogis dedicate their lives to a higher frequency of existence. Central to Bhakti Yoga is Kirtan, chanting and repeating the names of the divine. Kirtan allows the practitioner to use mantra to cleanse the mirror of the mind, revealing their true self while purifying their heart.

In this episode of Yogic Paths, we look into some of the deeper aspects of Bhakti Yoga, exploring the Hare Krishna Movement, which teaches loving devotion on a global scale through their eco-villages and other environmental endeavors. We also take a look at the celebration of Andanamanyi Ma through her devotees. Born completely realized, Andanamanyi Ma represents perfect divine unity and has been called “the finest flower that India has ever produced” by Swami Sivananda. Finally, we will dive into the practices of Mystical Bhakti, called Baul, where practitioners revel in intoxicated states, playing ecstatic music and practicing love making devoted to the divine.

It is the common thread of love and devotion that unites all Bhaktas, dedicating their lives to explore love beyond themselves.

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