A Big Day for the Gorillas

Zoo Diaries
S1:Ep223 mins2002

Today’s a big day for the gorillas. Their old exhibit is being torn down in preparation for a new gorilla rainforest and they have to move into a temporary home -- and gorillas hate change.

Now that the Siberian tigers, Tonghua and Tatiana, are acquainted, it is time to make tiger babies. Today Tatiana is in heat and Tonghua is re-introduced to her. The keepers must still be on alert just in case Tonghua, a very powerful 500 pound Siberian tiger, decides he would rather make war than love.

Carter is a mandrill, a forest baboon. Poor Carter is stuck in the health centre because he is due to be shipped to the Detroit Zoo and has to be kept in quarantine until his papers come in from the U.S. government. For his keeper, Eric Cole, this poses a problem. How do you keep a bored primate busy?

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