Bionic Revolution

56 mins2018
Featuring: Dr. Nikki Stamp, Prof Gordon G Wallace, Louise Wilson, Curtis McGrath, Mathew Bowtell

Dr. Nikki Stamp meets three remarkable Australians whose lives are about to be transformed forever – a girl about to receive her first artificial hand, a deaf woman having a bionic ear switched on, and a Paralympian testing the world’s most high-tech foot system. In Berlin, Nikki meets a man with one of the most advanced prosthetic hands in the world, and in London, a man who is using robotics to walk again.

Back in Australia, Nikki meets scientists who make her rethink our bionic future – from 3D printing of biological body parts, to moving a robotic arm with her mind, and seeing a lab-grown mini-brain as advanced as that of a 10-week-old fetus.

As Nikki meets people whose lives are being transformed by the merging of biology with technology, and scientists working in bio-technology, she uncovers a world on the cusp of a bionic revolution.