The Black Island

Sea Legends
S1:Ep327 minsGuest: Allan Wenger

Near the Fiji islands, Ambrym is just one of 40 islands in the archipelago of Vanuatu. Ambrym is the black island, an island of volcanoes and magic. Filled with legends of magic and sorcery, the people seek out the sorcerers who work with the ancient spirits to right any wrongs and bring prosperity to the people.

This is the tale of Koran, a fisherman who suddenly fails to catch fish. He seeks the help from a sorcerer, who in turn, seeks wisdom from the great volcano. Overcoming his fears, Koran ventures on to seek the most powerful sorcerer of them all. In the journey, he discovers what went wrong and how that wrong can be righted, so that he may return to his life of successful fishing. It is a journey fraught with magic and intrigue emphasizing the power of the old ways.

Featuring: Allan Wenger
Video Language: English