A Blind Date, Tiger-Style

Zoo Diaries
S1:Ep123 mins2002

Tatiana and Tonghua, Siberian tigers, are introduced to each other for the first time. Tonghua has killed a previous mate and Tatiana has never been introduced to a male before. The keepers, especially Steve, Ollie and Karen, have to be prepared to save Tatiana if Tonghua decides to attack.

Simon is a tamandua, a South American anteater. He’s being moved into a new home because he wrecked the last pen he was in. Simon is a real character and one of the favorite animals of both Eric Cole, the head keeper in the health center, and Dr. Graham Crawshaw, one of the zoo veterinarians.

Patsy is the matriarch of the zoo’s African elephant herd. Lately she’s been acting out of sorts and been difficult to control. Today Barb Luciano, the young elephant keeper, has to get the crafty old matriarch to sit still for a blood test that could help the zoo figure out why she’s not been herself.

A Blind Date, Tiger-Style
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