Board Walk, Natural Landscapes, Found Objects

Guerilla Gardener in Canada with Grahame Beakhust
S1:Ep322 mins1995Guest: Shirley Scott, Doug Burgoyne

Grahame visits artist & gardener Shirley Scott who has a beautifully designed boardwalk through her front garden. Instead of lawn, Shirley's prairie-inspired yard favors thyme, grasses and a dry stream bed.

Next, landscaper Doug Burgoyne of Natural Landscapes shows Grahame a display garden that features natural western landscapes...all low maintenance!

Then, Grahame shares some of the found objects and garden art in his and friends' gardens.

Board Walk, Natural Landscapes, Found Objects
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Instructor/Host: Grahame Beakhust
Featuring: Shirley Scott, Doug Burgoyne
Video Language: English