1 hr, 2 mins2012

The film’s breakthrough research suggests boredom is likely a state of stress. It may also be killing you. Perhaps the powers that be would rather you not know that, especially if you’re inside some kind of educational institution or dead-end job.

Are we actually more bored in today’s society, surrounded by stimulating media, or does the media save us from this state of lethargy and disinterest? Explore how boredom actually produces stress and discover that MRI technology has shown that being bored actually speeds up the brain process and increases heart rate.

Despite being satirical in tone, this film also examines how boredom negatively impacts education and how it can even play a large part in addiction and, more obviously, risk-taking. In this entertaining romp, director Albert Nerenberg blows the lid off the boredom conspiracy and reveals a culture that not only tolerates boredom but actually promotes it.