Bottle-Feeding a Baby Koala

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep724 mins2002

Two of the Japanese Macaques are being returned to their exhibit after a visit to the health center. Their injuries were relatively minor, but the conditions that caused them have not disappeared. A group of younger monkeys are trying to establish their dominance by picking on the two. The keepers don’t have much choice. If they don’t return the two to the group, they’ll have to live the rest of their lives – 14 years – in isolation. So they return them, hoping against hope that the bullying will stop.

After discovering a wealth of eggs in some of the female turtles, the vets administered shots of petocin – the same drug used to regulate contractions in pregnant women. The result: a cache of eggs to be dug up carefully and incubated in the hope that this rare species will procreate for the first time in Canada.

One of the rare treats in a keeper’s day is to get hands-on experience with a baby. And there is none cuter than a baby koala – a joey. With his mother unable to produce enough milk, San Diego keeper Tracey revels in her bottle feeding of the newest joey – even if he can get a little difficult at times.

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