Box Lunches for the Patas Monkeys

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep1124 mins2002

A baby elk has been born and the keepers have to hurry to catch it up so they can tag it, get blood and give it its shots. They have to do it quickly because after a few days it will be able to run too fast to catch it. The problem: finding the well-hidden baby and keeping the protective mom from attacking them.

Tessa is the youngest elephant at the zoo, and according to Nicole, her keeper, the slowest. Today Nicole has to train Tessa to inhale water into her trunk and exhale it into a bag. This is to prepare Tessa for TB testing. To add to the difficulty, another keeper, Matt will try to work with Tessa for the first time.

Luisa has developed a way to both feed and provide enrichment for the Patas monkeys. She fills a box with egg crates and hides fruit, peanut butter and crickets inside. It’s up to the monkeys to figure out that there are goodies inside and to find a way to get them out. No problem for the monkeys.

Video Language: English