The Change Makers
S1:Ep252 mins2010Guest: Céline Hue

The Change Makers highlights the accomplishments of people working to change the peoples’ lives. This time we travel to Brazil to meet four people actively making a difference. Celine Hue visits a school in the heart of a favela where violence and gunfire are common place. Here a brave teacher reaches out to the children in hopes they can improve their lives beyond the favela. She also visits an inventor that has discovered a way to turn human waste into fertilizer and a bio-gas the heats food and water. Into a different setting, Celine meets the owner of a luxury hotel that prefers to hire from the favelas to help the kids get a hands-on education. The last person Celine visits is a woman using chocolates and condoms to raise AIDS awareness.

Featuring: Céline Hue
Video Language: English