Brian Weiss and Shulamit

Eye of the Spirit: Teachers Talking with Stephan Rechtshaffen, Greg Zelonka
S1:Ep524 mins2001Guest: Brian Weiss, Shulamit

Part 1: Brian Weiss, a well established psychotherapist with a solid scientific background, took a huge risk to introduce past life regression to America in service of expanding our consciousness. A continuing pioneer in the field, he recounts the patient who changed his life, introducing us to the life changing power of hypnosis which can cure all symptoms where traditional psychotherapy has little to no effect.

Part 2: In her past life, Shulamit was high-powered investment banker ... until her spiritual path opened up before her. Shulamit discovered she has the gift to create sound with the incredible ability to heal. She now teaches Kabbalistic sound meditations that have the power to awaken the Nashama or soul, the highest form of wisdom.

Instructor/Host: Stephan Rechtshaffen, Greg Zelonka
Featuring: Brian Weiss, Shulamit
Video Language: English