Bush Medicine, Congolese Sports Champ, Hair Loss

Body & Soul
S1:Ep1224 mins2004Guest: Kerrie-Anne Baker

Explore aboriginal health remedies from the Australian outback. A Congolese woman shows the courage and persistence that has made her a karate champion. Hair loss is a very common problem, and there’s not much we can do about it. Tomosynthesis hopes to take much of the discomfort out of mammograms. We take a fascinating look at how our brains recognize faces. A $42,000 wheelchair can jump curbs and climb stairs. A popular trend in relaxation therapy involves the ancient tradition of being buried from head-to-toe in sand. A simple lightweight protective hood may save lives in house fires. Argentina is discovering the health sensations of soy. In Thailand, silk is surprisingly effective as a fabric for bullet-proof vests. A laser treatment looks promising for the treatment of bad breath.

Featuring: Kerrie-Anne Baker
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