Cairo: Souk khan al Khalili

Markets of the World
S1:Ep126 mins2002Guest: Fraser Macnaught

In the eastern part of Cairo we find the Khan Al Khalili market. It is a great market with an influence over the whole quarter of the city. Khan Al Khalili is a Turkish word meaning Market of Khalili. It was established in 1382 and it is still a veritable city within a city. The Khan Al Khalili is the archetypal souk (market) as its legend stretching back through the centuries.

We follow along with different shoppers as they visit their usual haunts. They buy everything from food and spices to craft materials. From their exploits we gain an insight to market customs and practices. Price negotiation is an expected part of the process, and somehow makes shopping seem friendly. No matter what the people of Cairo need, they are sure to find it here.

Featuring: Fraser Macnaught
Video Language: English