The Calling

200946 mins

The Calling is an exploration of man’s lust for adventure and the extraordinary places it can lead him. Director Stuart Kershaw sets out to discover why young men from all walks of life and across cultures are so magnetically attracted to ideas of sacrifice and heroism. His journey takes him from the monotony of western living to the wilderness of Alaska and finally the shifting warfronts of the Middle East.

Kershaw begins his exploration by retracing the fateful steps of Chris McCandless, the subject of the acclaimed move and bestselling book, Into the Wild. He travels to the West Bank, where he witnesses the tragic consequences of young Israeli soldiers fighting even younger Palestinian school children armed with stones and catapults. And he sees a similar phenomenon in Kashmir, on the border of India and Pakistan.

He also explores the fanaticism of the young radicals who come from well-educated middle-class families, such as the 9/11 hijackers and soccer hooligans, among others. He weighs the price they all are willing to pay for the “gift” of belonging.