Brendan travels to the ancient ruins of Ankhor Wat built during the Golden Age of the Kymer in the 1200’s. He finds an old monk living in a large wooden house who offers him a robust reading. On reaching the city of Phnom Penh, Brendan meets up with a businessman to discuss the impact of fortune telling on different social classes. This is followed by a genitalia reading at the local college.

He then meets up with a female card reader in her lock up garage and nearly passes out out during the session. Brendan gets an interview with the Royal Astrologist who produces a yearly almanac. Before meeting the "hermaphrodite" monk, Brendan meets two other readers based in the city center. His final reading is in a wealthy monastery run by an influential monk who trades blessings and readings with the rich and famous of Cambodian high society.

Instructor/Host: Brendan McDonnell
Video Language: English