Camel Baby Hijinks

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep524 mins2002

Jabba the mandrill is the only male in his group. He’s not eating, and shows none of the nervous excitement that normally accompanies a visit from the vets. Ali, a new keeper, is worried. Senior vet Kay is determined to solve this mystery, even if it means going back a decade to dig up some old X-rays.

A new camel provides keeper Karen with a unique opportunity to do things her way right from the start. One day in the future, this baby will give rides to kids of all ages. But it all starts with a halter, an encouraging word, and a march around the yard with mother Liz. Will baby’s first walk get off on the right foot?

Two groups of lorikeets are introduced to each other. In a few weeks, they’ll be living together in the same enclosure, but right now, these territorial birds have to sort out a pecking order – literally.

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