Camino de Santiago: Week Five

Walking the World
S1:Ep553 mins2010

The fifth week of walking the Camino de Santiago, Chris Newland finds himself discovering a wider diversity of sites. Chris starts in the hill top village of Ocebero, a place founded by ancient Celts, then a stroll through a forest of eucalyptus trees and on to picturesque albergue. The slower pace of this week gives Chris plenty of time to talk with other travelers to learn how they discovered the Camino de Santiago and how their lives are being changed along their trek. Then it is a mad dash as everyone is on the last 100km trying to reach a bed and attend the festivals. The end of the fifth week nears the end of the whole journey and Chris’s thoughts turn to reaching Santiago, the feat of St. James, and the last of the journey of beautiful deserted walking.

Featuring: Chris Newland
Video Language: English