Camino de Santiago: Week Four

Walking the World
S1:Ep452 mins2010

Week Four is full of magic, mystery, myths and legends as Chris Newland continues his six week quest along the Camino de Santiago. Chris comments that the first three weeks have been the best adventure of his life; this week takes it up a notch. This week, Chris walks from Leon and Astorga, into the highest mountains of the route, saying in two really weird but fun refugios all the way to a “hobbit” village in the hills of Ocebero. Along the way Chris partakes of strange rituals from an ancient templar ritual for luck on the rest of his journey to a ceremony of flaming liquor, a ritual performed every night for the pilgrims who stay the night. This is a week not to miss. Join Chris and uncover some of the mysteries along the Camino de Santiago.

Featuring: Chris Newland
Video Language: English