Camino de Santiago: Week One

Walking the World
S1:Ep152 mins2010

The Camino de Santiago is a delight to travelers, hikers, and art and history buffs. Walk with Chris Newland as he begins his first week traversing Spain’s oldest walking path. A 6 week 900KM (560 miles) journey that is over 1,000 years old. It is a true walkers’ delight with magical views, myths, legends, and friendships made around every corner. This episode chronicles Chris’s first amazing week of walking across northern Spain as he crosses the Pyrenees, on the first day, to a wild challenge of running with the bulls. Then relax, with calm evenings taking in the local fare and chatting with other hikers. It is an amazing first week with five more weeks, promising to be just as magical, to go.

Featuring: Chris Newland
Video Language: English