Camino De Santiago: Week Six

Walking the World
S1:Ep652 mins2010

The end of Chris Newland’s six-week journey of Camino de Santiago has arrived. He comes to the city of Santiago de Compostell upon the festival of St. James. Before his revelry can begin, he must scout out where to get his compostela, a document absolving him from all past sins. Full of mixed emotions, Chris partakes in the ceremonies and festivities of the feast of St. James. To finish his journey he heads out t the lighthouse of Finesterre. This last leg of the journey is the most calm and serene, offering views of the most stunning scenery yet. Come join Chris as he completes this epic journey at “the end of the world” where travelers burn their clothes and boots and toss their walking sticks out to sea.

Featuring: Chris Newland
Video Language: English