The Change Makers
S1:Ep552 mins2010Guest: Céline Hue

Canada is the second largest country in the world, yet some of its people face incredible challenges that inspire some incredible people to reach out and help out those in need. Celine Hue stops by a workshop has been developed where children play games and learn to overcome any biases they may have already had concerning other people. Using the profits from his advertising agency, a man has designed a jacket specifically designed to help the homeless make it through the cold winter. A free design that uses newspapers as its primary insulator that has hopes of saving lives through the cold Canadian winters. Then, Celine meet Hannah Taylor, a fourteen year old that volunteers for eleven organizations, including her own that she created at eight years of age. Her programs have raised awareness and money benefiting homeless people all over Canada. In a rural section of Canada, an American bison reserve was created to not only preserve the species but also to study the effect that bison have on the environment. A unique NGO was created they repair and restore medical devices, clothing, school supplies and medications as donations to developing countries. Three quarters of the staff are retired volunteers.

Featuring: Céline Hue
Video Language: English