Canada 3

The Gurus Explore
S1:Ep2139 mins2008Guest: Neville Passmore, Geraldine Chia, Nigel Ruck

The Gurus have come to Canada to explore two provinces: Alberta and Yukon. First up is Jasper National Park in Alberta, one of the planet’s most scenic locations is over 10,000 square kilometers. You can visit it in any season. The clear river is fed from the snow melt and glaciers and the hanging valley is in an impressive canyon carved by the Maligne River. In the city of Edmonton, the University of Alberta Devonian Botanical Gardens is a great place to test out cold hardy plants. We get a guided tour of many of the unique plants in the gardens and butterfly house.

The Yukon has an endless amount of lakes and rivers, all are fed from the Yukon Ice Fields. Two great ways to see it all is from the air or on the rivers. Kluane National Park is a major world heritage listed site with impressive scenery. From lakes to tundra, it is the perfect place for exploring. The Gurus take full advantage of the mountain climbing, ATV riding, fishing, and observing wildlife such as beavers and bears.

Featuring: Neville Passmore, Geraldine Chia, Nigel Ruck
Video Language: English