Canada: Joanasi, Child of the Ice Field

Children of the Desert
S1:Ep826 mins2000

For eight months of every year, the world is apparently lifeless, gripped by the most intense cold. It seems nothing moves, except the petrifying wind, which molds the snow into eerie shapes. Only a few wandering animals venture forth – and occasionally man – but they leave little traces in this wilderness of ice. This is the Nunavik, a province in the great Canadian north, close to the Arctic Circle.

Twelve-year-old Joanasi is a young Inuk. In the village of Kangisqsujuak, leisure time is rare, especially in winter. But television programs in Inuktitut do break the monotony. As in the past, the Inuits go outside as little as possible during the months of cold. So Joanasi has become so skilled at computer games he is now the village champion.

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