Catching Kangaroos

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep1024 mins2002

It’s time for the annual checkups on the zoo’s female kangaroos. The last time they did this, one of the keepers took a pretty nasty scratch in the face. So nasty, his sister’s wedding photos only show him in profile! This time, it’s part-time bull rider Brad’s turn to go a few rounds with Australia’s most famous boxer.

The reintroduction of Pumba to her piglets continues with one last chance at reconciliation. If she rejects them again, they’ll live separately for the rest of their lives.

Rama, a lion-tailed macaque, is due to be flown out to another zoo in less than two weeks. Luisa is set on training him to come into the crate on his own. But this timeline is tighter than just about any she’s ever faced.

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