Catching the Light (Arthur Zajonc)

Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove
S1:Ep6423 mins2000Guest: Arthur Zajonc

Explore the nature of light from both the physical and the spiritual perspective with Professor Arthur Zajonc from Amherst University, author of Catching the Light.

Light is one of the most ambiguous things to perceive. We never actually see light, we see what light illuminates. We may know that the space around us is filled with light, but we don't actually see light itself.

We see color and form, which science can explain in part, and which artists and humans use as mediums of expression and experience. We also make reference to the symbolism of light in everything from our daily lives to contemplative or spiritual practices. In this sense we are less concerned with the physical properties of light and more with the lived experience of it.

Many historical texts reference awareness of either a cosmic eye, or sun, such as the ancient Egyptian deity Ra. Light itself acts as a bridge between our experiences, the material substance and the subtle, immaterial or symbolic. In physics, light is an energy that has no resting mass, yet is considered physical. You may even find that to explore the many paradoxes of light is to discover more conscious awareness.

Instructor/Host: Jeffrey Mishlove
Featuring: Arthur Zajonc
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