Catherine Angiel – Jewelry Collections

Women on Top
S1:Ep1321 mins2006

Jewelry designer Catherine Angiel’s collections have become must-haves for A-List celebrities and New York’s crème-de-la-crème. As a child Catherine redesigned costume jewelry from gumball machines. Then, in high school, she worked for a neighborhood jeweler to help support her family. All along the way, her employers held her back, saying that jewelry design is not an industry for women. One day, Catherine took a chance, broke the rules and made her first sale with a piece she designed herself.

With this successful start, Catherine continued to push the limits of expectations. She took any job she could get, just to learn the industry. With her persistence and creativity, she became Hollywood’s go-to jewelry designer. In 1993, she moved back home and broke into new territory by being the first jewelry designer to own her own boutique. To this day, Catherine refuses to follow conventional wisdom and insists on pushing the envelope in her designs and her life.

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