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Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep424 mins2002

Wild Bill, a wood bison, comes by his name honestly. Unlike most of Toronto’s bison, he was brought in from the wild a few months ago. But before he can meet up with the rest of the herd, he’ll have to pass a TB test. The safest way to administer the test – for both Bill and the zoo staff – is to confine him in a chute so the vets can work on him up close. But bison don’t have a reputation for cooperation, and the chute hardly looks like the wide open spaces Bill's used to.

Kubali the cheetah and Bear, her puppy, have got to sort a few things out. Most important: Bear has to be the boss. Better for Kubali to learn that now at 26 pounds, while Bear outweighs her. It’ll be too late when Kubali grows to her adult weight of 126 pounds. San Diego keeper Kristi keeps a close watch as the two of them wrestle and play together.

Lynn, a veterinary technician student, has been helping train a group of Lorikeets for a special exhibit in Toronto. Eventually, visitors to the zoo will be able to hold out small containers of food and have the friendly birds fly down and feed from their hands. But today is Lynn’s last day. A chance to say goodbye to some friends.

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