Cave in the Snow

200252 mins

In the 1970s a strange visitor walked across the remote paths in the far north of India. Young English woman Diane Perry ventured into the snow-laden peaks of the Himalayan Mountains. Her search for perfection had led her to Tibetan Buddhism, where she took on the name Tenzin Palmo. But she found that there were few opportunities for women to study the teachings, and so, in 1976, after battling with blatant sexism within the monastic order, Tenzin Palmo isolated herself in a remote Himalayan cave, engaging in 12 years of Buddhist meditation.

She faced unimaginable cold, wild animals, near starvation and avalanches. Subsequently, she decided to build a nunnery in India, where women would have an opportunity to study Buddha’s teachings. She travels the world as a fund-raiser, giving talks, writing books and serving as a model for the many young women who wish to dedicate their lives to a spiritual path.