S1:Ep1TutorialsAll Levels-1, 224 mins

In this video, Andrea Marcum shows us how to chaturanga “right.” Right is relative, but there are some fundamentals that will serve everyone. A vinyasa style class is full of chaturangas, and some of us are in a teeny bit of denial when it comes to what’s up with our yoga push-up. Andrea has seen some pretty floppy-sloppy chaturangas in her time, and it’s not that they’re stylistically painful, but structurally, sagging and collapsing into lower backs, wrists, elbows and shoulders can cause injury. Watch and practice this tutorial to get the most out of your chaturanga.

Contraindications: wrist, elbow, shoulder or low back injuries

Props: 2 blocks

Instructor/Host: Andrea Marcum
Video Language: English