The Cheetahs' Long Journey

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep1324 mins2002

It’s been a long trip for three cheetahs – all the way from South Africa to Toronto, where it’s hoped they will breed new cubs for the nearby Bowmanville Zoo. It’s a hot day too. Mike and Lynda are anxious to get the cheetahs out of their travel crates quickly. If not, the big cats might just suffer from the heat.

It was a long night for veterinary technician Jen. Up every two hours for feedings, settling the baby back down to sleep, ensuring she lived to see another day. Jen’s not a new mom, per se. She’s a surrogate, and her charge is the zoo’s newest muntjac fawn. Now it’s time to see if all Jen’s hard work has made any difference in the crucial first hours of this fawn’s life.

On a hot day, there’s nothing more refreshing than a dip. But these primates will have to be lured into the water by a few grapes, their favorite treats. And once one learns to swim, keepers Karen and Cliff hope the others take the plunge too.

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