Chimps Choose Enrichment

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2624 mins2002

The zoo’s band of Przewalski’s horses are one of a number of species at risk from the West Nile virus. In order to vaccinate them, Dr. Graham Crawshaw and his crew have made the rare decision to go into the paddock with the wild horses and administer the needles up close.

It’s time for baby camel Lexus to be weaned from his mother Liz. To do that, Liz will have to be loaded into a trailer and transported to another paddock at the far end of the zoo. There, she’ll be reunited with her mate Marcus.

Roger Blurton has been working with the Sedgwick County Zoo’s chimpanzees for more than two decades. Over that time, he’s become more and more concerned with keeping them physically and mentally engaged. Today, he’s got some new toys for them to play with. Just so long as they don’t fight over them.

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