After 30 years of raising a family, newly retired Josie and Graham longed to live by the ocean. They love the spectacular vistas offered by their new home’s windows, and the ocean is also a source of geothermal heat for the home.

Take a walk through a 60-foot long greenhouse bursting with exotic plants. It’s hard to believe that it is a sewage treatment plant. Architect Kim Rink, of Eco-Tek Wastewater Systems, explains the workings of this unique sewage treatment system.

Julia Bourke chose to build a straw bale house because she likes the material for its insulating properties, fire resistance, non-toxicity, ease of construction and the thick walls it provides. She also wanted to introduce this under-appreciated building material to the Canadian urban context. For the farmers who harvest the straw (material they used to burn) it has become a reliable source of income, and strawboard is a healthy and sustainable building material.

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English