Christmas Star

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Is the star of Bethlehem a myth or did it really appear in the Judea night-sky at the time of Christ's birth?

Miracle, myth or astronomical fact, the notion of the Christmas star has stirred people’s imagination for more than 2,000 years. David Hughes, an astronomer, says that theologians and scientists are in disagreement as to the date, not just by days, but by years. He has been exploring, from a scientific basis, the science and myth of the star.

The place to start is to gather clues from the historians. Significant historical events, such as the death of King Herod, tend to have been recorded with an astronomical correlation. If these data can be trusted, then astronomers can pinpoint possible cosmological phenomena that could have occurred. Perhaps the bright light was a comet, meteorite or even a supernova. Hughes suggests it may even have been an auspicious astrological conjunction that guided the magi to their destiny. Hughes sums up that it does not really matter what the star is or when it came to light. He feels the spirituality of the story is the most important factor.