Climate, Embryos, Landmarks

S1:Ep2624 mins2008

BMW recently unveiled a new, eco-friendly concept car. The Vision's sleek design suggests that while the car giant may want to reduce its carbon footprint, it's not interested in sacrificing its reputation for high performance and style. To learn more about the world's changing weather patterns, scientists decided to study the situation at the polar ice caps, which they found were melting at an exponential rate. By recording images of embryos in the first few days of development, doctors are hoping to learn more about the high incidence of multiple births in IVF pregnancies. The Eiffel Tower, which was the world’s tallest structure for 40 years, celebrated its 120th anniversary. Across the English Channel is another local icon, the much younger London Eye, which is receiving a makeover in anticipation of the 2012 Olympic Games. In China, a partnership between a chicken farm and a neighboring power plant is generating electricity from chicken manure. Similar efforts are being made with pig manure in the Netherlands.

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