Cockatoo by Two

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep1824 mins2002

Spruce the Moose has been lame for a year-and-a-half, but the vets haven’t yet had a chance to truly treat her ankle. First, she was pregnant, then nursing, then recovering from the loss of her calf. Today, vets Graham and Rolf will convert the moose barn into an operating room and get at the root cause of her distress.

It’s been almost three months since Andrew placed the Malayan River Turtle eggs into the incubator. By his calculations, they should be ready to hatch. But no turtles have broken out of their shells yet. Today, he’ll try to shed some light on what’s going on – literally.

George the cockatoo has been waiting for a new mate and the day has finally arrived. He’ll show his best colors – fanning his tail and his comb as wide as he can – but will Jess the female cockatoo respond?

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