Cocoa, Slaves and Goo

Geldof in Africa
S1:Ep229 mins2005Guest: Bob Geldof

Centuries after mankind had migrated north, out of Africa, Europeans returned upon the promises of abundant trade for spices and gold. Bob Geldof takes us to Ghana where this trade began eventually becoming the epicenter of the slave trade. He offers us a hard edged and honest look at Ghana’s history of slave trade showing us what it meant, and still means to the people there. No longer wishing to suffer his growing impatience with a bus not leaving, Geldof hires a car for a twelve hour drive along the old slave road between Benin and Ghana. Sites along the way tell tales of the hardships imposed upon the producers of raw goods that keep them locked into a state of perpetual poverty. An amazing site is a town built over water as a safe haven from a brutal slave trade fueled by Amazon women and voodoo wars. There are many things to see, and much more to understand in this enlightening journey.

Featuring: Bob Geldof
Video Language: English