Sea Legends
S1:Ep1125 minsGuest: Allan Wenger

In Cuba, the rombifer crocodile is a symbol of strength and independence. However, a fire devastated much of the swamplands and poachers nearly destroyed the population. In 1965, Fidel Castro approached the cocodrileros, the crocodile hunters, and urged them to protect and rebuild the rombifer population.

Today, that noble duty falls to Vicente and Jorge. They are not only cousins, but they are two of the most respected cocodrileros on the island of Juventud. Every day, they venture out into the swamplands, facing danger from mosquito, crocodiles and poachers, as part of an important conservation program. Follow along with these two as they make their precarious way deep into the swamps to attempt to capture crocodiles.

Featuring: Allan Wenger
Video Language: English