While walking by a showing of paintings by Dan Barker – all blurry details of a single monstrous creature – Elizabeth Wade is horrified to see the pictures moving, a clawed hand reaching out of the canvas. She goes berserk and destroys one of the paintings, then runs off into the night. Later, Laura and J.J. find her huddled in their office. Elizabeth is a former patient of J.J.’s, a schizophrenic who once believed she was the sole human in the world ruled by a monster named Pit. Medication and J.J.’s guidance helped her out of madness, but now she claims that Dan is painting Pit by somehow looking into her mind! J.J. discovers the paintings do bear an uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth’s former hallucinations and her ability to guess the details of works Dan has shown no one further suggest there’s a psychic line between them. Elizabeth pleads with Dan to destroy the paintings – if he continues, she feels sure he too will go mad.

Featuring: Shari Belafonte, Carl Marotte
Video Language: English