Coming Soon: Winter 2024

Gaia is proud to present these new series, seasons, and films coming this winter in 2024. We're always adding fresh content and perspectives to support your path of awakening and expand your human potential. Also, stay tuned for our annual Emersion conference with world-renowned leaders and our first-ever immersive workshop with Robert J. Gilbert in Sacred Geometry for Higher Consciousness. With an Events+ membership, you can participate live and chat with other attendees or watch workshops at your own pace on demand.

Superpower: Ignite your intuitive intelligence with this 12-episode docuseries exploring what scientists are learning about our intuitive abilities.

Journey of Remembering Season 2: Matías De Stefano guides 44 people on an ancient path of initiation.

Knights Templar: Grandmaster Timothy Hogan, Mason & Templar Scott Wolter reveal long-held secrets.

Divine Science: Discover the science behind spiritual tools used to evolve human consciousness.

Audio Languages: English