Connecting to Courage Through Surya

Nico Luce
VinyasaLevel 352 mins

Our star, the sun, has been revered by many civilizations throughout history as the giver of life and the source of power. In yoga philosophy we learn that in the microcosm of our bodies, the sun is located at the center of our chest. So in order to tap into this power source we must first open our heart.

Join Nico for a dynamic advanced asana practice focused on conquering fear through handstands at the wall and building courage with inverted backbends.

We labeled this practice as advanced because of the backbending / handstand sequence at the wall in the second half of the practice. We strongly suggest watching the wall sequence first and not going beyond your ability. As with any of our videos, Nico suggests modifications or stopping points that can make the practice suit your level.

Contraindications: wrist, shoulder or back issues.

Props: wall, bolster (optional)