Contemporary Bistro Fare and Organic Wines to Match

FoodWise with Jesse Cool
S1:Ep723 mins2000Guest: Katy Sparks, Alice Feiring

Join Jesse Cool in pairing organic wines with the robust flavors of contemporary American cuisine here on Foodwise. To be a really good chef you need to understand how things grow, how to work with the seasons and where your organic food comes from.

Chef Katy Sparks creates a stir with a luscious fig-and-goat-cheese salad with spiced walnuts. Then she pleases the palate with a sumptuous entree of sautéed salmon with chanterelles and zucchini ribbons.

Alice Feiring puts on the finishing touch by revealing the unique flavors of several choice organic wines, and pairing the perfect one for this elegant, sumptuous meal.

Instructor/Host: Jesse Cool
Featuring: Katy Sparks, Alice Feiring
Video Language: English