The Coral Reefs Are Dying

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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is wonderful, beautiful and alive, but soon it may well be one of the few remaining live reefs around the world, because around the world the coral reefs are dying. Scientists predict that within twenty years one third of the world’s coral reefs will be dead and in forty years, two thirds, dead. Some of the reefs are dead already and the causes are many, but mostly it’s man’s interference with nature.

Places like South East Asia and the Caribbean are the biggest problem. Philippine reefs are in really bad state. The Japanese reefs, particularly those around Okinawa, are gone. Many of the reefs in the Caribbean, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, they’re in really bad state. I’d add to that Florida, Sri Lanka, India, the east coast of Africa, those reefs are in a bad state basically because people are overusing reefs and exploiting them too heavily. There’s too much stress on coral reefs by human populations.

Some countries will stem the polluting cause and see their coral reefs regenerate. Others may never have live corals again. The damage is simply too great. The coral reef, in all its wonder and beauty, may be for them only a memory.