The Cosmic Bird Feeder

Spiritual Gardens
S1:Ep1323 mins2006Guest: Grahame Beakhust

The Cosmic Bird Feeder, in Toronto, is an outdoor garden and play centre where children with special needs can play with able bodied children. They provide programs that bring children together through gardening, the arts, and play to celebrate nature and the power of the human spirit. The healing begins, each morning, as the staff gathers to move and sing in order combine their energies so they can bring special experiences to the children and their families. Graham takes a walk through the garden to learn about all the special things, from plants to found and made objects, that add to the magic and allure of the garden. Take this opportunity to meet some of the families and find out how this magical garden brings a myriad benefits to the children of all ability levels.

Featuring: Grahame Beakhust
Video Language: English