Courtney Sloane – NYC Interior Designer

Women on Top
S1:Ep2121 mins2007

Heralded as one of America's top 101 designers, Courtney Sloane is president, creative director and founder of the interior design firm Alternative Design. In addition to working with major hip hop celebrities, Sloane and her team designed Sony Music's Manhattan recording studios, the BET Offices and a theme park concept for Disney. Internationally acclaimed, Sloane's work has been featured in countless magazines and she has been called a translator for the Hip Hop aesthetic.

As an only child, raised in New Jersey, her mother taught her an appreciation of good style. After a false start in college in liberal arts and a deep depression that ensued from the wrong career path, she moved to NYC to start a career in the design industry and convinced her boss to send her to design school. With a leap of faith, she set up a design firm of her own, opening the door to the Hip Hop community and launching a successful career.

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