Credit Crunch: The Real Reason We’re in a Mess

On the Edge
S1:Ep71 hr, 38 mins2009Guest: Franky Ma, Mark Cocking, Dominic Frisbee

Host Franky Ma sits with economic experts Mark Cocking and Dominic Frisbee. They discuss what they see happening with the current economy and what they expect is to come from it. They start with a history of banking and the origin of lending and credit. Then they explain the role central banks have in creating even more debt and inflation.

They feel that an unintentional financial catastrophe is sure to come to the world’s economy. They warn that governments are being privatized by the largest central bank owners. This will put trillions of dollars, into the hands of an elite few who know the true origins of humanity. Advocating an asset backed monetary system and ending central banking, they offer advice on what we can do in order to be ready for the coming credit collapse.

Featuring: Franky Ma, Mark Cocking, Dominic Frisbee
Video Language: English