Crichton Miller and Steve Mitchell on the Celtic Cross

Gardiner’s World with Philip Gardiner
S1:Ep152 mins2008Guest: Crichton Miller, Steve Mitchell

Philip Gardiner interviews, Crichton Miller, who holds two patents on religious icons including the Celtic cross. He explains the use of the Celtic cross as a mathematical and navigational tool as well as its relevance to ancient Celtic beliefs. He demonstrates different navigational methods in which the cross was used.

Steve Mitchell joins the conversation to illuminate the pagan, and even Wiccan, point of view. In addition to a navigation tool, the Celts used the cross as a means of keeping track of the time of the year. Together, the three discuss the spiritual practices of different ancient cultures and how they apply in the modern world.

Instructor/Host: Philip Gardiner
Featuring: Crichton Miller, Steve Mitchell
Video Language: English