Crimea & New Zealand

Unusual Cultures
S1:Ep326 mins2012

In this episode, we visit the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea to meet Crimean Tatars, and then visit New Zealand to discover the traditions of the Māori, the country’s native people. The proud Māori minority, which was able to gain a privileged position in society thanks to its persistence, is in sharp contrast with the minority of Crimeans who live on the periphery of society.

Crimea – This magnificent Ukrainian peninsula is largely inhabited by Crimean Tatars, or in short Crimeans. They are of Turkish origin and speak the Crimean Tatar language. They found their way to Crimea back in the 12th century. Other minorities also live in the Crimea. We will meet Russians residing in the “leased” Sevastopol, and the small Bohemka community, where a Czech minority struggles to maintain its traditions.

New Zealand – The Māori culture. The original inhabitants of New Zealand reached the area in their canoes, most likely from Polynesia. The Māori “cultural revolution” has been ongoing since the 1980s, and the Māori people, aware of their uniqueness, have reaped the benefits.

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