Cult Witness

59 mins2010
Featuring: Celeste Jones, Jill Myton, Lea Saskia Laasner, Jim Bergin, Judy Garvin, Samuel Stefan

At the age of 19 Samuel Stefan, consumed by crisis, was drawn into a cult. It would be 10 years before he was able to escape. To better explain his experience, he put together an intelligent exploration of how cults attract and manipulate their followers. Throughout the documentary, we hear from six others who have freed themselves from cults and share their disturbing firsthand experiences.

Stefan unravels the hidden world of cults, the hold they have on their victims, the reasons people form and fall prey to them as well as what takes place within. In addition, analytical insights into the cult experience are provided by experts who have studied many aspects of cult-related problems. This is a film about the indomitable human spirit.