Danube Delta (Romania)

Hidden World with David Gasman
S1:Ep248 mins1996

Shared between Romania and the Ukraine, the Danube Delta is the second largest delta in the world, the greatest remaining unbroken marshland in Europe. Its 5,600 sq kilometers of tributaries, swamps, islands and lagoons are an extraordinary hidden world, and a natural laboratory.

The immense Delta’s watery maze can be confusing, with tributaries that filter down into thousands of passages that often lead nowhere. Much of the Delta is impenetrable and its isolation creates a unique habitat for both wildlife and humans.

Before the region was designated a world heritage site, it was considered (at the local level) to be an outstanding example of man’s interaction with the environment. Recently, however, human activities upriver threaten the Delta’s natural riches.

Instructor/Host: David Gasman
Video Language: French & English